The Healing Method that helps you step-by-step to Mend Your Broken Heart.

Get my simple step-by-step method on how I have helped hundreds of singles recover from break-up and ghosting experiences so that they can love again in a way that makes their next love last.

“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it...”
― Nicholas Sparks, At First Sight

The Healing Method I use to help singles reclaim their lives is a way to super-charge your recovery.

This usual way of moving-on after a break-up has a high risk of repeating past mistakes unless you pause to assess your injuries and learn from your experience.

Today's technology has is benefits, like take-out at your door, but it also has some major drawbacks. When you experience a break-up, the pain of heartbreak will make you want to experience positive attention and care again. But after this type of loss, your nervous system will be in overdrive and lead you to try to fix what you lost. So your instincts might lead you to find a partner that doesn't work for you now.

It's wise to allow yourself to go through a healing process before you risk your heart again. In working through your pain, you will learn why you fit so well into the past relationship and ways you need to heal to be ready to invite someone new into your heart.  

Repeating problems in your next relationship is an easy mistake to make - And even easier when you move on quicker than you are ready.

Getting back into "the dating field" is a common myth that is followed by singles everyday. It's so tempting because it is so easy to do and may even numb the pain temporarily for some people, but it doesn't usually last. The problems you had in the last connection are usually not isolated to that one relationship. 

Often, you will find that the habits you had in your last connection will be easy to repeat and you might even find yourself attracted to the same "type" in a way that it seems like you are going through the same thing, again.

Instead of dating again quickly, you will go through 3 stages of healing:

Stage 1: Unpack your pain

Stage 2: Reclaim your identity

Stage 3: Prep your heart for love

Avoid the Mistake of Dating too Early - Shed your judgement first, date later.

I remember when I dated soon after a break-up experience it it took away some of the pain of loneliness but I kept comparing them to my last partner and nobody was interesting. So I did what you might be feeling like doing yourself, I decided to not date for a while. When I think about my clients who have also gone through these experiences, they told me things like:

Shawn, it's like I can't move on. I don't want anyone else.

or something like this...

 I feel like no one will ever love me like he did. Maybe I'm just not meant to be in a relationship.

and others have even told me...

I feel like there's just a big whole in my heart and I don't know what to do to fill it.

No matter what thoughts or feelings are surfacing for you, it can get quite confusing at times. This is why dating again now, is a bad idea. When you start to heal, you will be ready to date again. But for now, let's look at what happens when we move on too soon. 

Break-up and Ghosting can make you believe false ideas:
  • You doubt your standards. When you break-up suddenly, it can cause you to assume that your mistake was in having certain needs (i.e. medical condition, family needs) but this is not the case! Assuming your issue is the cause will over simplify your responsibility in it and possibly turn your grief into a chronic unhappiness. 
  • You're not sure why it ended. If you are unsure what role you had in your last relationship, you might be stuck in a blame game that keeps you anchored there. When we blame ourselves or others, it can cause the pain to linger. This state of confusion can make you afraid to try again or help you make the mistake of repeating it with another person.
  • You feel that you are better off alone. A person who can not see themselves with any partner, out of fear of getting hurt again, will fulfill the prediction of loneliness. Trusting again is not easy, but feasible after you mend your heart. 

The key to start dating again is to Turn your judgmental position into curiosity...

Dating again after your romantic bond has ended, triggers a mode in the mind of putting thoughts and pain into black and white categories such as "good partner" or "bad partner." This tends to happen during times of stress and loss, such as a break-up. It's common to have more thoughts about what you think was taken from you, how you were justified, or even how the other person did not realize your positive traits. 

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” ― David Richo

You can use learn to transition your mind back to a state of balance and wellness, by rejecting to thinking about your qualities just yet. This is not the same thing as diving into gaming all day to keep your mind so busy that you can't feel the pain. True healing will look different for many people but it tends to follow a similar process for many.

That's why I wanted to make it ridiculously east to learn - How to trust again after a break-up

A step-by-step method on that shows you the ropes on loving and trusting again.

When you start to date again, you will be asked to trust someone new when every bone in your body says "no." I'm a firm believer that our bodies are the best judge of readiness. When you are feeling that you want love again, your body might have different plans and create sensations such as panic, fear, general feeling of nervousness, jumping with physical touch, and many more.

Your guide will show you: My best tips and tricks on recovering your broken heart, readying your life for new partners, and how to figure out what partners to focus on for great long term satisfaction in coupledom. My signature 3 phase program will also help you meet other singles in our Facebook group

  • 1
    Move on from Self Doubt: In phase 1 of the program, you will work through your pain and grief that creates an anchor to the past.
  • 2
    Rebuild your Self-Esteem: When we move on to phase 2, you will learn how to embrace the new you and put the past behind you.
  • 3
    Learn to trust again: Finally, when you complete the 3rd phase, you will learn to understand how your past shaped you into a new partner with super powers unleashed.

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"No matter the break-up story, I believe that everyone has hidden super-powers yet to unlock their best parts.”

-Shawn Davis, LCSW

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