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The Classroom is a private Facebook group only for students of Renew The Love to connect with others trying to heal and move on again. When you sign up for any course or class with me, you will receive an email series with an invitation to join. Why? Because I want you to have access to your instructor, not just a series of videos leaving you fumbling alone. 

The Classroom by Renew The Love will help you learn faster, move on quicker, and feel more connection with others.

Moving on after a big break-up can make you feel pretty alone. The inspiration behind my program was to help you feel connection, not lonely and broken. The Classroom is my way of showing you a way to feel less alone as you grow and heal through this phase. The group will go along with the LIVE lessons and you will be able to watch recordings from our meetings inside our group for easy access. So if you are a single who is struggling with lonely nights after a break-up, this group is for you. 

Remember, you did not cause your break-up all on your own. Let's dive into how this is true for you and what lessons you can learn to empower yourself.


Moving on After Breaking Up

Join the signature program to learn how I have helped hundreds of people cope better, feel stronger, and gain confidence in moving on time.

Shawn Davis

I got my quick lesson on how to get through breaking up when I was a single and clueless as to how to get through romance. All of my role models did not have good lessons to learn, so I had to go through it the hard way. I'm on of the lucky ones, and I want to ensure you are too. 

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